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We encourage you not to just take our word for it! Below are some of the many e-mails and letters that we have received from former guests who have traveled with us.

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While we are not currently updating this page with our latest testimonials, we are still running cruises weekly. Please contact as if you would like to hear updated testimonials from our guests.

Karl P.
31 March 2012

Elfriede and I want to thank you for the wonderful experience on board of the Meroe.
We will never forget these days with you, Francois, Marie, Genevieve, Beranger, Denis and John.

Our daughter Andrea promised us a lot highlights with your boat, but what we got was more that we expected.

We want to thank also Mr. Enrique, because of him our cruise was possible.
If you need a reference in Germany or Austria, we will recommend your cruises and people can ring us up and ask us.

We wish you and Mr. Enrique all the best, personally and for your business.
And hopefully we can meet for another cruise one day.....

Marc J.
25 April 2011

We just returned from Egypt.  We had a wonderful stay at Beit Sabee and The Meroe was magnificent. Thanks for making it possible!

Matthew W.
14 April 2011

I hope things are well in your part of the world. I’ve been very busy since returning but Egypt is a fond memory. Thank you for the guidance on not canceling – it truly was a once in a lifetime window to see Egypt without crowds.

Katie W.
7 March 2011

Firstly, to say a HUGE THANK YOU for 4 amazingly perfect days we spent with you on the cruise; the combination of the relaxing atmosphere, stunning scenery, attractively decorated boat, attentive staff, and mouth watering food, all combined to make a truly heavenly and unforgettable ‘once in a life time’ experience! A special thank you to the cook for accommodating my unusual diet, the food was so gorgeous that I was very relieved that I didn’t have to miss out on experiencing it! I was particularly fond of his moussaka and juices!

The experience was made extra special by the fact our boat was upgraded, and there were so few tourists around; you were totally right about it being ‘our Egypt’, I previously hadn’t realised exactly how true this would turn out to be, because I’d presumed that people who’d booked previously wouldn’t have been cancelling! I’m more than happy to give a testimonial or speak to anyone else who may be having concerns visiting Egypt after the revolution; if it wasn’t for the lack of tourists, I would not have seen any signs of the revolution, and even so, your staff were so attentive about our safety that I always felt 100% safe in your care.

I’ve already uploaded a review on Trip advisor, but if there’s any other review websites that you know of, please email me the link and I’ll post reviews to them

Alexander G.
22 January 2011

Happy belated New Year from damp and dark London. 

Karen and I have been looking at all our photos of our idyll down the Nile aboard El Nil.  

I want to thank you all for making the whole trip so memorable, and for your brilliant help orchestrating the proposal — she grins from ear to ear every time it comes up.

We are getting married on the 10 September in France, near Lyon, and would love it if you would come.

I just wanted to give you plenty of notice. 

I had dinner with some people the other night who are also friends of Anthony Sattin. I told them how I read 'Winter on the Nile' on El Nil — really, there is no better place to read it. I really plugged the boat, so hopefully they'll book a trip. There's no better promotion than word of mouth. 

I hope all is well with you, and that the river continues to reveal her innumerable treasures.

Rebecca W.
19 January 2011

We have returned home from our holiday now and are back at work.  We had the most amazing time in Egypt.  The time on the Assoun was definitely the highlight.

Marcie E.
17 January 2011

I can not tell you what a fabulous time we had on our Nour El Nil excursion.  I've been raving to all my friends and am working on a nice review.  I would do it again and again.  We met such interesting people, visited fascinating places (put on a few pounds I'm sure) and felt we got to experience parts of Egypt that are removed from the Tauck tour circuit.  Egypt got under our skin so I think we will be back -- a lifetime spent there would still leave things on the table.  Cairo was not nearly as bad as we'd been led to believe.  A bit rough and tumble, but then so's LA! Thank you so much.  

Thereza T.
10 January 2011

I send you this message just to say that the experience on El Nil, last week changed our lives.
The simplycity and the warm welcoming from your crew touched us on the very deep of our hearts and souls. I'll never find the words to explain how sad we were when we left the boat. Everybody was quiet and remained like this for the whole day.

Life's like this, we know, but we also know the it had a huge meaning for all of us!! Send our best to Enrique and also to Mohamed, Hussein, Ramadan and all the crew and tell them we will never forget their kindness.

Charlotte S
9 November 2010

Many apologies for this very belated thank you for our magical trip on the EL NIL!  We spent two days feeling utterly depressed at the supposedly lovely Al Moudira -- nothing could replace the sense of total calm and peace that we had come to expect and need!! 

We have all now returned to our very cold and normal lives with a new take on the world and how to travel in it! Many things have kept Egypt on our minds but the lasting memory is of the joy of the stunning scenery, delicious food, exciting hospitality and hours of peaceful contemplation peppered with banangrams (hope you are hooked by now!), kung fu, chess and of course, the big debate! 

You delivered on everything you promised and more and my friends admire me all the more for it so thank you for that also!  I hope we will be able to do it again --but we all agreed that none would get off the boat, EVER!  We drunk the koolaid and we are spreading the word wide and far so don't be surprised if the numbers coming from London suddenly explode -- we've had to actually tone it down or we will never get a booking again!!  I hope all is going well and the heat has eased off a bit.

Keep in touch and let us know any new plans for Aswan and beyond -- we will be there, banangrams in hand! Very best wishes and a thousand thanks.

. . .

Marlies F.
3 November 2010

I am back in Switzerland and still dreaming sailing on the Nile! Many thanks to all of you for the well-organized and wonderful Nile cruise I had the pleasure to attend.

I enjoyed it very much and it was really special compared to the usual Nile cruise I made 10 days before this.

I am glad and thankful that I discovered the article in the SWISS MAGAZIN. I will make as much advertising as I can and hope to see you all again next year.

. . .

Elizabeth M.
22 October

Just to say a big thank you and the boys for looking after us so well on MALOUKA. We really had a fantastic time and I have many happy memories of our trip.

. . .

Johnny S.
16 August 2010

I’m so sorry it has taken this long for me to send you this e-mail. My trip to Egypt was an absolute success. It was by far the best trip I have ever been on and I’m sure my friends felt the same. The Dahabieh was so impressive and beautiful that my friends were like little excited children when they found their rooms. The crew was really kind to us and really helpful. So, all in all, we all really enjoyed ourselves.

So thank you so much for letting us use the boat that week, it is very much appreciated. Could you also pass on my thanks to Memduh and Eleonore?

. . .

Patsy& Bob S.
12 July 2010

Bob and I have returned home safely with many wonderful memories of people and places in Egypt.  Our dahabiya cruise was so very special. The crew was just wonderful.  Our gratuity, 1500 LE ($300), was not as much as we would have liked, but all of our traveler's checks had been cashed and we had miles to go. We would so love to send this to you by mail to be distributed to the Meroe crew of our week.

. . .

Catty B.
21 May 2010

The Nile seems an age away from this dank, green, cool English spring. We had such a good time with you all and we have, no doubt, bored people rigid with our enthusiasm for Egypt.

I hope your plans for the rest of the year are now falling into place and thank you again for all the trouble you took in giving us such a magnificent first view of Egypt and the Nile.

. . .

Nick B.
16 May 2010

Back to reality here, with a coalition government and an ash cloud threatening tomorrow's flight to LaLaLand!

Our 3 days in Cairo were a whirlwind of hot activity in the hands of Tarek, our indomitable cab driver who carried a large knife just in case and appeared to have friends on every street corner. We largely spurned the pleasures of the restaurants at the Marriott and had Tarek take us to exotic breakfasts on street corners in darkest Cairo. All fun.

Thank you so much for looking after us so well and entertainingly on the river. We loved it all and wished we could have gone all the way to Sudan. Or maybe started North of time!

I don't know how to contact Enrique directly, but please tell him how happy we were with everything and it will be hard for us not to return one day.

. . .

Steve & Liz C.
14 May 2010

We had a fabulous time on board the Meroe. There was an article in the South China Morning Post magazine about the Nour El Nil - did you see it?  If not I scan it to you next week. I am just on my way to UK for a week

I did drop Dani an email to say how much we had all enjoyed the trip of a lifetime. I have advised a friend of mine and her husband to cruise the Nile with you.

. . .

Preston S.
18 April 2010

Romy and I want to thank you for the wonderful time you gave both to us and to her brother and his family. For them, going up the Nile with you was the high point of their trip to Egypt. (I know it certainly was for Romy and me, even though it was the second time for us.) 

When we talk with them, they speak of how they tell their friends about the experience, how they show them pictures from you web page. And their younger daughter, Donna, is apparently already saving her ducats to finance a return trip and trying to convince her best friend and her friend's mother to make the trip.

I'm not sure when we'll make it back to Egypt, but we will definitely see you again soon.  Maybe in a year or two we'll come knocking at your door again.  I'm in the process of trying to arrange a return trip, this time with some of my closest friends, friends from college. And of course, retirement is just around the corner, in a couple of years.

In any event, until we can meet again take care of yourselves.

. . .

Pedro M.
18 April 2010

We are back in Ireland and to our life here but we are remembering very well the nice days we spend with you in the Nile.

Thank you for the kindness and very good attention we had on the trip. It was marvelous! We are sharing the experience with our friends and we are looking forward to repeating it.

. . .

Tor E.
26 March 2010

First of all, I'm sorry about being so slow in sending you this note.  I have been up to my backside in cocodrilos since I came home.

Be that as it may, this was the trip of a lifetime. I enjoyed every second of it.  You and Eléonore and the great crew did a fabulous job of making everything pleasant in every sense of the word. You really eased my way through this assignment. As much as anything else I feel friendship started here. And may it long last!

. . .

Phil C.
26 March 2010

We are still enjoying and recounting to friends and family our memories of our great holiday with you on the Dahabiya Meroe!!!

At last I am putting our photos together and wonder whether you can email me the link to the wonderful photos you showed me that you are about to use on your new website as they really show the Dahabiya better than our shots. Thanks to you all again. We'll be back!

. . .

Vittorio N.
27 February 2010

Just to tell you the trip was splendid and we did enjoy the dahabiya "Meroe" very much. We are now back to work and very relaxed.

. . .

28 January 2010

This is Melanie from the dahaybieh last April.  We had such a memorable trip!  We use my birthday cloth often and it always brings back the fondest thoughts!  

I have shared stories and photos with so many people.. Even blogged about it, for my honeymoon clients.

Anyway, I have an older couple who is set on Egypt for this coming May, and I would like to offer them a sailing with you.

And thank you again for those fabulous memories. Of all the places I’ve been lucky enough to visit,  Cairo and your Nile remain at the top of my list!

. . .

John H.
16 January 2010

I trust this note finds you well. Sybil and I returned to the cold and snow of London. It was quite a shock after the warmth of laid back Egypt. After we left you we continued on to Abu Simbel, Cairo and then finished in Sharm.

Sailing down the Nile, walking through the desert, and swimming in the Nile were some of the highlights of the trip.

Thanks for a memorable experience.

. . .

Di W.
13 January 2010

Many thanks for such a memorable trip down the Nile with you.

I have been raving about the Nour el Nil experience to all my friends. One friend in the Isle of Wight who does not have internet access asked me if I would ask you how much it would cost to bring a crowd that would fill your boat for a 6-day trip down the Nile.

. . .

Nicole V.
11 January 2010

Just back from Egypt today. The cruise was an amazing experience and we would like to thank once again the fantastic crew for making our trip so pleasant.

. . .

Annie G.
11 January 2010

Martin & I are fine in London - tho' it's been very cold! We're going to be in Mexico in April/May.  I remembered your exceptional guiding - how you made the trip so much more than temple visiting and wondered if you have any 'off the track' people we should look up, or tips, for us. Even in your native Michoacán? 

. . .

Paul Z.
9 January 2010

Well I am back at work and my mind keeps drifting off to our time in Egypt. Our voyage after our wonderful trip on the Nile was very good and my admiration for the people of Egypt only grew. I want to thank you again for an exceptional time on your boat.

We have told our friends that our sail up the Nile was a trip of our lifetime. It is always interesting to be in a group of people who have done the "cruise down the Nile" and how much they hated their trip and then we go through the details of our wonderful journey.


[UPDATED: March 25, 2011]